Apologies for my header image


This image is very obviously an amalgamation of Trey Parker and Matt Stone’s often-hilarious, but ALWAYS well written South Park, (Specifically, Season 6, Episode 14, titled “The Death Camp of Tolerance,” but frequently thought of as “The Lemmiwinks Episode!”) and Magic.

I used this image because it really just conveys EXACTLY the feel I wanted when I combined card images with it. The look of horror on the boys faces as they produce our cardboard icons of nerddom is delicious to me. The three longer-running boys have their images assigned randomly. Cartman got a card back, because I thought SOMEONE should…Kyle has JtMS, because it’s iconic, and Stan got Nicol Bolas, Plainswalker for similar reasons.

Butters, however has some thought put into his. Butters has Emrakul…the biggest, and baddest of the Eldrazi. I know Cartman is the one who’s teamed up with an Elder God, but seriously, if you watch South Park much at all, you KNOW that Butters is one fucked up little mofo, and is even more so for being so superficially normal. Who BETTER than him to produce an Cthulhu-esque monstrosity from the depths of his ravaged psyche?

So, my apologies to Trey and Matt for abusing their work like this, and thanks for the show. It’s the best social commentary on TV…and I belong to SEVERAL groups that they’ve had a laugh at. They’re always fair about it…except for when it comes to Scientologists. Fuck Scientology.


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