Apologies for Mutilating Penny Arcade

Today’s post contains a single, (poorly) edited panel from Penny Arcade. (Original available here.)

Fair warning…this is the sort of thing you may see come up again, so if you want to white knight PA, I’m horribly, horribly sorry. I’m a huge PA fan, and sometimes when I’m writing, I just get reminded of one of their comics, and realize that with a tweak or two, it will express exactly what I want to express better than I ever could through mere words. Additionally, my art is somewhat on the level of Tycho’s, as seen here, though not QUITE as good. If seeing this makes you unhappy because you dislike Penny Arcade…go stuff yourself. PA’s awesome.

So, Mr. Krahulik and Mr. Holkins, I deeply, deeply apologize. Again, I love Penny Arcade. The wife and I hope to someday attend PAX, as well as the silent auction (getting to go to a super classy event, yet have it be entirely nerd-culture centric is like a joy-gasm for us,) and I can’t count how many night’s we’ve laid in bed, with her playing on the laptop or reading something, and I’ll flip through one of my PA collections and repeatedly break out laughing, which drives her nuts, because then she has to stop what she’s doing so I can show her just what’s so damn funny, or else she’ll go crazy with curiosity.

Please don’t sue me.


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